Slat Sizes of Mini Blinds

shutterstock_87029294Slats are a thin sheet of either wood, aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood.  These slats are the main parts of a mini blind. They are the ones that keep light from entering a room because they serve as curtains of windows. But blinds are more flexible compared to a curtain because they can be adjusted many ways. Slats are connected to each other by cables or wires in a blind. The wires are attached to a gear placed in a long bar of a blind. A rotating wheel or a pulley is used to to adjust the position of the slats.

Slats come with different widths that can affect the appearance and functionality of the blind. Read on for what the sizes of slats can do to to better serve their purposes.

Half an inch

Mini blinds with slats that are half an inch wide are worth $6 to $18. These are the smallest types of slats available for mini blinds. These slats cannot block enough light from entering due to the number of gaps placed between each slat. Naturally, when there are many slats in a blind, the more they have spaces in between giving light from outside to pass through more often. The numerous gaps between each slat may also decrease your privacy. Another drawback of these slats is that they do not provide a good field of view whenever the slats are opened. The gaps between each slat may be too narrow to see through properly.

One inch

Depending on the accumulated size of the blind, a mini blind with slats that are an inch wide are worth $10 to $20. These one-inch slats make the blinds block more light than a mini blind with slats just half an inch wide. With one-inch wide slats, a mini blind can offer a wider scope of viewing for someone who would look through the slat spaces. Slats of one-inch width can be more aesthetic to look at and have a better chance of blocking the sun’s rays.

Two inches

Some mini blinds come with slats that measure two inches. These blinds can be bought from a range of $20 to $30. Compared to the previous types, these slats prevent more sunlight from entering a room. These slats are also able to provide more privacy than the other two slats.

Two and a half inches

Mini blinds with 2 ½-inch slats are worth $20 to $40. Mini blinds rarely have slats that are this wide. This is because these slats are too wide for a mini blind. These blinds, however, are wide enough to block the most amount of sunlight. These slats also offer a very private environment, but there is still a small chance that an outsider will be able to see through the blind. These blinds offer the best field of view due to the wide spaces between each slat.

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